Super K


Every Monday At the klife house FROM 4pm-5:15pm

Super K is for current 5th and 6th grade students with a desire to learn about Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him. Packed full of fun games, great teaching, and time in small groups, we are so thankful to have current TCU students helping us lead your students. Our desire is to see your students surrendered to Jesus, and what better way to do that than through a fun, safe environment in which the Gospel is laid out before them. 


What is K Equip?

K-Equip was created to help high-school students experience the transforming power of the gospel, and be equipped to share it with others through discipleship. The goal of this program is to develop students who are confident in evangelism and consistent in discipleship of younger students. Through action-oriented programming and engaging teaching, K-Equip will teach students how to defend their faith and share it in their communities.


K-Equip has been unbelievable and God has really been using this ministry to help grow our high school students in their faith. Back in October, we went through evangelism and taught our students how to share their faith with other people. At the next K-Equip meeting, we asked students to tell us any stories they had from sharing the gospel with others. Two of our high school boys told us about how they had shared their faith with two kids at their school who do not have a relationship with Jesus. They both recounted how they used the things they learned in K-Equip to share the good news of the gospel with these two students from their schools. We also had one student tell us a story about how he took a homeless man out to dinner and the two of them shared a meal together. All of this to say, God is working in the hearts of our high school students in K-Equip, and He is equipping our students with the tools to live out their faith everyday!  

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